Vintage Star Wars Card & Sticker Sets (1977-1984)

2)Wonder Bread premium card set (16 cards, Continental Baking Company, 1977)

3)Big "G" Cereals premium sticker set (16 stickers, 1977)

4)Topps Sugar Free Gum Wrapper set (56 wrappers, 1978)

Honorable Mention: Darth Vader Card Game (Burger Chef/Coca-Cola, 1978)

5)Big "G" Cereals premium card set (18 cards and album, American Premium Corp., 1978)
Part One (Cards 1-9)
Part Two (Cards 10-18, Wallet)

 Topps ESB (Series One, Red border, cards 1-132, 1980)
 Topps ESB (Series Two, Blue border, cards 133-264, 1980)
 Topps ESB (Series Three, Yellow border, cards 265-352, 1980)

 7)Burger King "Everybody Wins" premium card set (36 cards, 1980)

8)Burger King Super Scene Collection (stickers and album, 1980)

9)Topps Empire Strikes Back Giant Photocard set (30 5x7" cards, 1980)
Part One (Cards #1-15)
Part Two (Cards #16-30)

10)Hershey's Empire Strikes Back premium card set (5 4x6" cards, 1980)

11)York Peanut Butter ESB premium card set (6 round cards, Canada, 1980)

 12a) Empire Strikes Back Collector's  Kit: Rebel Alliance Set (Dixie & Lipton, 1980)

12b) Empire Strikes Back Collector's Kit: Imperial Set (Dixie & Lipton, 1980)

 13)Dixie Cup Story Card Set (American Can Company, 1981)

14)Topps RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983)

 Topps ROTJ (Series One, Red border, cards 1-132, 1983)

Topps ROTJ (Series Two, Yellow border, cards 133-220, 1983)

15a)Kellogg's premium Sticker Card set (10 sticker cards, 1984)
15b)PEELED set (trading card images beneath the stickers, from various photos)

16)Miscellaneous Foreign (and Bootleg) Cards

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